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How to Keep Yard Water Running with Outdoor Drainage
Need for Perfect Drainage System
Indeed, the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) on its web page dedicated to foundation contracting reports that drainage problems form over 60% of issues their members deal with. As such, you need to have the perfect system to offer effective routes for runoff water. With today’s regular storms and generally unpredictable weather, hiring a drainage expert to map such a system is a no-brainer. A perfect system to keep storm water running is the icing on the cake that you need to make your new home a true haven. If you are already residing in your new home, some of the signs highlighting the need for a water runoff system include:
  • 1. Basement flooding that indicates ineffective surface water drainage.
  • 2. Cracks on foundation walls, internal wall plaster, floor tiles and pathways indicate there is stagnating water on your yard.
  • 3. Water damage and mold growth on floor boards and plaster.
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The impact of poor outdoor drainage in Toronto ON can be debilitating and it includes structural damage, which calls for costly repairs and even legal trouble. What’s more, mold growth could lead to health problems for your family in addition to ruining the value of your lovely home. In essence, good outdoor water runoff system is indispensable if you are to enjoy your stay at home fully.

They’re Simply Easier to Use

So, you have built the perfect home and you are ready to start enjoying life without the yoke of rent? However, have you considered everything that you need to have this ideal situation remain so? Well, a study by Basement Health Association (BHA) found that 69% of new homes experience issues with outdoor drainage in Toronto Ontario and you should not ignore this area.

Unique Outdoor Drainage Systems

When you hire an established landscape drainage contractor, they will first come and inspect your home and the yard before proposing any solutions. These experts have prerequisite training and resources to work on any type of yard. They ensure there are no foundation problems caused by standing surface water or rising ground water. Here are some solutions these experts offer:

French drain tiles: These systems involve excavation and placement of a perforated PVC pipe, covered in porous filling. It drains water away from your home’s foundation.
Sump pumps: This pump is located under a basement and draws water out through a discharge pipe. Such run off flows into a sump pump pit by a French drain or other lawn drainage pipes and it then discharges away from the walls.
Catch basins: These collect water when your yard cannot allow for proper grading.

There are several other outdoor drainage systems including channel drainage, connections to municipal system where allowed, dry wells, gutter and downspouts, surface drains among others.


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