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If your basement is wet, cracked, or smells musty – we can help
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As a waterproofing company in business since 2013, Drymax Waterproofing has experience helping generations of homeowners solve and prevent basement moisture and flooding issues. We have been recognized not only by our satisfied customers but also by organizations like the Better Business Bureau over the years for our hard work and success! As the area's authorized dealer, we use patented waterproofing products that have successfully repaired hundreds of wet basements in Toronto, Peel and York regions.

Signs of a basement waterproofing problem:
white powder
White Powder
peeling paint
Peeling Paint
water seepage
Water Seepage
dark mold
Black Mold

Your damp or wet basement can cause more than just a headache; these issues can create bigger problems like mold, mildew, rot, structural damage, and a variety of health problems. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms below, you might have a basement water problem.

Drain installation and waterproofing job process from start to finish

Your damp or wet basement can cause more than just a headache; these issues can create bigger problems like mold, mildew, rot, structural damage, and a variety of health problems. 

Extensive Experience for Wet Basement Waterproofing

Our complete basement waterproofing system includes all the solutions you need to keep your basement dry, comfortable, and odor-free. We offer many solutions for your home, including sump pumps, basement drainage systems, dehumidifiers, crack repairs, vapor barriers, and more. For a new construction, we handle plumbing services such as:

Drain system installation:
Inside drains may be used to waterproof from the inside of the basement. Typically, this involves opening the floor around the perimeter of the basement, digging a trench, and installing pipe and gravel around the footer. We also install ‘weep-holes’—small, one-half- to three-quarter-inch holes in each block cavity—to release any water that may be trapped. The holes are covered with a plastic molding or styrene panel before the floor is re-concreted.
Sump pump installation:
Hidden in the deepest corner of your basement, your sump pump is mostly invisible, but could be the most important appliance in your house. The sump pump removes ground water from underneath your house. Without it, water coming up from the ground, or flowing in from a heavy rain can flood your basement or your whole house. The sump pump usually sits in a pit built into your basement floor or crawlspace. The concrete floor is poured slightly downhill when the house is built so that any water will flow right into that pit. The sump pump ejects the water out of the house.

The sump pump sits in the bottom of the sump pit and has a switch that is activated by the water level. When you have water in your basement, it flows into the pit, the sump pump is activated and it pumps the water out of the pit through a discharge pipe to the outside.

A waterproofed basement is only as good as your sump pump. The core of your waterproofing system is your sump pump. A quality, properly functioning sump pump is essential in keeping your basement dry. It is a fact that all sump pumps fail, whether it just old and needs replacement, or a lack of power, we have the sump pump for you!

Mold removal, crack repair:
We take care of all of the mold by cleaning the walls and applying anti mold spray. Sealink wall and floor cracks after new drainage system installed.
Piping and plumbing:
We take care of all of the water, and drainage to ensure it is safely installed.
Sewer and water lines:
In order to prevent backups, we take care of the water and sewer line installation process.
Waterproofing walls:
Conventional basement finishing products are often inappropriate for the basement environment. Materials such as drywall, latex paint, wallpaper, wood, and fiberglass resins all contain organic materials that can grow mold and be damaged by moisture.

Our basement walls are compatible with our complete basement waterproofing system for a dry, healthy, safe space. If you’re interested in upgrading your space, but aren’t interested in investing in a full finishing, these are the basement products for you!
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