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demolition services
Do you want to tear down the old house or demolish concrete slabs? We can do this!
drymax demolition

DryMax offers a wide range of services to get your renovation project off the ground. From carpet removal in Toronto to tile removal in a nearby area to garage demolition and concrete demolition, we are able to handle it all.

Making Interior Demolition and Selective Demolition in Toronto + GTA Easy For You
Concrete slab demolition
Concrete Slab Demolition
Bathroom Demolition
Interior Demolition
shade demolition service
Shade / Garage Demolition
Our team comprises professional and seasoned interior demolition contractors who excel in demolishing the interiors of a particular space while keeping its exteriors intact. With the right set of tools, years of experience in the industry, and our own workmanship, we can take care of your property while cutting up, breaking apart, and removing everything that is no longer necessary. Just tell our crew how you want to proceed, and we can take it from there.
Professional Interior, Exterior and Concrete Demolition Services in Toronto / GTA
Concrete wears out over time, including driveways, patios, and sideways. This could result from poor layering or improper packing of gravel. During these cases, you want to avoid patching things up by yourself and call a professional concrete demolition crew near you instead.
Years of Experience

DryMax Concrete Demolition Contractors has provided professional concrete removal services for 3 years with over 11 years of unmatched experience in concrete demolition in Toronto and GTA.

Fast and Efficient Crew

We know you don’t want a concrete demolition in Toronto to go on any longer than needed, so we work quickly ensuring a thorough and complete job every time.

On-Time Project Completion

When you need concrete removal in Toronto, you want it handled as soon as possible. That’s why we work to complete your concrete demolition very promptly, so you can get it to the point of using the space quickly.

Bathroom Demolition

At DryMax Demolition Contractors, we understand the need to make your bathroom as bare as possible so you can envision your ideal design and re-create the space to suit your style and comfort better. We aim for customer satisfaction at all times, thus we strive to deliver everything right the first time. We do our best in assessing the interior demolition work to be done as objectively as possible to estimate the most accurate cost needed. In our company, we also train our interior demolition contractors to take a methodical approach in every project we take. This ensures a seamless work ahead each time.

Garage / Shade Demolition

Whether you need a partial or complete interior demolition for a residential or commercial garage, we got you covered. We can take care of your garage demolition regardless of the size of your property. Rest assured we will keep the job clean and tidy, and keep the original structure of your garage with no signs of damages or wrong demolition.

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