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Sewer Repair - How We Do It
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Municipal sewer main repair and replacement in Great Toronto Area is a specialty trade that requires precision, advanced equipment, and a great deal of experience. DryMax sewer repair does not fall within the normal scope of work for the average “plumber” either. In order to obtain the required permits for a subsurface sewer replacement, the contractor must hold an Ontario Master Plumbers license, sufficient insurance coverage.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Services:
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Clogged Sewer
Sewer Jetting
Sewer Power Flush
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Camera Inspection
Sewer Line Repair
A broken sewer line can be messy, disruptive, and even hazardous to the health of your family, customers, or employees. Avoid the broken sewer line health risks and protect your family or business today and enlist the sewer main repair and replacement services of DryMax Waterproofing Inc. in Mississauga and Toronto. With over 10 years of Canadian sewer repair experience and its five boroughs, you can rely on our sewer line replacement company to repair or replace your sewer line in a quick, cost-effective, and efficient manner.
How Are Sewer Lines Cleaned Out?

Have you tried drain snakes to clean out blockages on your own, only to find that the problem returns in a few weeks? This is because most people don’t use the right size of snake, or they can’t snake the drain far enough down to push the blockage out. A sewer rodding can usually handle any clogs in your plumbing system, but sometimes we need to use a hydro-jetter, which sends a massively powerful flow of water through your pipes, breaking up any blockages, tree roots, or other intrusions.

There are situations which will require you to replace portions of your sewer lines, whether from a lack of cleaning sewer pipes frequently enough to the point it causes a sewer line to rupture, tree roots growing in the sewer line, or other problems. When it comes time for you to replace your sewer lines, we can get it done quickly and with less mess and frustration for you.

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How Will I Know If I Need a Sewer or Drain Cleaning?
Clogged Drain
When you are taking shower and realize you’re standing in a few inches of water and your sink backs up with not only water but chunks of food – you have a clogged drain. Looking for professional drain cleaning services? Our team of plumbers will inspect the blockage & remove it without damaging your plumbing.

Slow Moving Drains
Over time, soap scum, grease, and hair can build up in your drain pipes, leading to a slow drain or a full-on clogged drain. It can be a direct cause for slow-moving water and the ultimate clogging of your home’s plumbing system. We don’t Recommend Chemical Drain Cleaners. The chemical reaction and heat they produce can damage your plastic or even metal pipes in the process. Our advice: if you tried the baking soda with vinegar and plunger to clear a slow drain, and if you’re still having issues, call a plumber.

Sewer Odors Coming from the Drains
There could be odor-causing bacteria feeding on debris in your pipes. This process will give off a foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like sewage or rotten eggs. Also, mold grows where it’s warm and wet — and mold growth on the debris causing a drain clog can also cause a bad smell.
Back-up from the Drains
In order to prevent backups, we take care of the water and sewer line installation process. Toronto homeowners can choose from several options to prevent basement flooding, including overhead sewers and exterior flood control systems.
Keep Sewage Out of Your Basement! If you’re looking for the best Toronto plumbing company to perform effective sewer line cleaning in Toronto for your home or business, call Toronto Plumbing Experts at (647) 997-4139
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