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Which Sump Pump Most Recommended?

The quiet defender of your home, continually working stuffed away in some corner of your basement, and playing a much more vital role than it gets credit for, your sump pump is an important piece of waterproofing your home, and when this particular item goes on the fritz, then you can expect to see the results fairly quickly. Drymax Waterproofing brings you the services you need for sump pump installation, repair, and replacement to ensure that it continues to work diligently for you.

A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin, (or pit) commonly found in the basements of homes.

They Save You From Flooding

Your sump pump keeps the area under your house dry, so it prevents the growth of pesky mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can only survive with a reliable source of water to sustain them. If you don’t have a sump pump and have a flood, the increased amounts of moisture in your home allow mold to thrive.

The Best Sump Pumps Of 2022
We can only recommend 1/2 hp Cast Iron Sump / Effluent Pump

With a shut-off head of 37 feet and 3/4″ solids-handling capability, the 280-Series by Liberty covers a wide-range of low-head to mid-range pump applications. Designed for STEP systems, mound systems, liquid waste transfer and high output sump applications, you can count on the 280-Series to offer superior performance. Designed with Liberty’s unique one-piece cast iron body and quick-disconnect cords available in 10′ and 25′ lengths. High-output 1/2 hp submersible with rugged cast iron housing.

Liberty Sump Pump
Battery Back-Up Pumps
Liberty is introducing the 442-Series. A professional-grade line of battery backup pump systems called StormCell® These systems feature high-output pumping, an energy efficient DC pump for longer run times and professional-grade charger/controllers. They are also available with optional NightEye® technology for remote monitoring and notifications! The line of StormCell® products also will include high performance 12 volt batteries that are USA made and designed for optimum performance in backup pump applications! These batteries are available in Group 27 or Group 31 and in flooded or AGM styles.
back up pumps
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