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The problem with leaking plumbing

Plumbing leaks are responsible for a great percentage of wet basements. In fact, if you have a concrete slab basement, many of your foundation problems are most likely the result of plumbing leaks. This is because plumbing lines run below foundation floors.

Many new homes have a moisture barrier to ensure that the foundation floor remains dry even when there is a plumbing leak. Homes built prior to the 1989’s aren’t likely to have this barrier. They are therefore susceptible to the problems that leaking plumbing can cause.

The problem with leaking plumbing

There are two ways that leaking plumbing can cause problems to foundations. These are:


Fast leaking

These are big leaks that occur below the slab. The water leaves the plumbing pipes fast and soaks the soil beneath the slab. This soil becomes waterlogged. It can be washed away by the water, leaving a gap under the foundation. This results in the foundation being unevenly supported. The foundation becomes stressed and begins to crack and sink.


Slow leaking

This involves a slow leak that can cause problem over time. The soil beneath the foundation absorbs the moisture and swells. This results in the shifting of the foundation.


Dealing with wet basements

It can be difficult to deal with wet basements that are caused by leaking plumbing. This is because the plumbing runs beneath the slab. However, there are several signs that can indicate a plumbing leak that should be investigated.

  • – An unusual increase in your water bills
  • – Activity on your water meter even when all taps are shut off
  • – Presence of soft spots on the floor
  • – Pooling of water
  • – A must smell in the basement

If you notice any of the signs of plumbing leaks, it’s important that you take the following steps.

Contact a plumber
Get a professional plumber in to help fix the leak. They will ensure that you don’t have to deal with a leak.
Contact a waterproofing company
This is vital if your foundation does not have a moisture barrier. The moisture barrier will keep moisture out of the basement. Dealing with a wet basement and be devastating, especially when your property is destroyed as a result of flooding or mold. It’s important to get your foundation and the leaking plumbing repaired as soon as possible. Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring the problem until it is too severe to ignore.
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