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Real Signs That Your Home Needs Basement Waterproofing

When water saturates the ground around your foundation, it applies pressure (called hydrostatic pressure) that creates cracks in your concrete. These cracks often start off very thin, as hairline cracks. These cracks may include water intrusion, but not always. But once a crack forms, it creates a weak spot that widens each time the hydrostatic pressure pushes on it. If cracks are left untreated, they expand or multiply.

Your basement can be more useful if it is dry and well ventilated. But in many homes, basements appear neglected since they are wet or humid, and in many cases, smelly due to lack of proper ventilation. Wet or humid basements are not desirable because they promote the growth of mold. Mold has notable harmful effects on both health and different structures in your home. Too much moisture in the basement can also damage your home’s foundation.

Musty odors
The presence of musty odors in your basement is a sure sign that mold is present. The unpleasant smell results from volatile organic compounds that molds produce as they grow. And since mold grows in humid conditions, you can tell that your basement has an elevated level of moisture and a mold infestation even if you are not able to see any mold. The mold may be growing in areas where you cannot easily see it.
Visible mold
Along with musty odors, you may also spot patches of mold in a basement that has a high level of moisture. Mold is unwanted in the basement since it contaminates the indoor air of your home and can cause respiratory problems. Mold will also damage ceilings, drywalls, floors and other surfaces. If you spot mold in your basement, it is time to call a basement waterproofing company.
Pools of water in the basement
Pools of water on the floor of your basement denote that water is entering the basement. This can be due to flooding or seepage through the basement’s walls or floor. To get conclusive information about the source of the pools of water in your basement, you should consult a basement waterproofing company. The technicians will help you find the best waterproofing solution after inspecting the basement.
Water stains and efflorescence
Water stains and efflorescence on your basement’s walls are an indication that the walls are letting in water. Efflorescence is the movement of salts to the surface of a porous material. Thus, for efflorescence to happen in your basement, water must seep through its walls. The salts remain as greyish or white deposits when the water evaporates. Basement waterproofing techniques such as sealing of cracks in the basement wall will eliminate the seepage of water.
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