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Waterproofing regulations in Canada
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Waterproofing regulations in Canada vary by province and municipality. In general, building codes in Canada require that new construction and major renovations be designed and built to prevent water infiltration. This includes proper grading of the land around the building, installation of proper drainage systems, and the use of waterproofing materials in the foundation and other areas that are susceptible to water infiltration.
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In addition to building codes, there are also industry standards and guidelines that contractors and architects must follow when designing and building waterproofing systems. For example, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) have developed guidelines for waterproofing and dampproofing of building foundations.

It is important to note that waterproofing regulations and standards are subject to change over time, and it is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that their property is in compliance with the current regulations and standards. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consult a professional waterproofing contractor or a building inspector to determine what specific regulations apply to your property, and to ensure that any waterproofing work is done in compliance with these regulations.
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